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    Orphan Drug Granted From FDA And EMA

    Orphan drug has been granted from FDA in October 2015 and EMA in June 2017. An orphan drug designation allows exclusive right for 7 years in US and 10 years in EU along with other incentives in US.

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    Global regulatory consultation

    FDA has endorsed our dose selection and clinical developmental strategies in EOP1 meeting in May 2017 for future market application. China CFDA and EU MPA are also aligned with the comments from US FDA.

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    EASL presentation (April 2017)

    First presentation of the phase I study showed that TPZ is well tolerated when combined with trans-arterial embolization. This combination leads to a high complete response rate with a long duration for patients with intermediate stage liver cancer. The study achieves the goal of proof-of-concept and supports the subsequent randomized trials.

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    International Liver Cancer Association (September 2017)

    Oral presentation of the updated phase I clinical trial result.